2022 program of the Saline royale Academy

Discover our 2022 classical and baroque music teachers.


Academy from 23 to 30 October 2022

Among the masters present during this exceptional week, from October 23 to 30, 2022, you will have the opportunity to perfect your skills with: Ning Feng, violinist, Davide Formisiano, flutist and Dmitri Alexeev, pianist. These prestigious masters are recognized for their quality as teachers and performers. They relay their passion, their professional experience, and their advice to help students reveal their talent.

This academy is aimed at student musicians and singers from music schools (HEMU, Guildhall, CNSM, etc.) or instrumentalists at the beginning of their career.

In order to help students participate in our academies, scholarships will be available. These will be requested at the time of registration and will be awarded according to criteria such as the student's background, project or motivation.

Three types of events will take place with our academics:

  • Daily and individual classes allowing them to learn every day from our teachers. These classical music classes are given in dedicated rooms, all equipped with a piano. Students can be accompanied by a pianist if they wish.
  • Concerts are held every evening, allowing students to perform in front of an audience if they wish.
  • Two concerts, one for the academicians and one for the teachers, are organized at the end of each academy. Open to the public, they offer students a new opportunity to test themselves and prepare for future performances.

During the academy, students can stay at the Saline Royale's *** hotel and can eat on site thanks to our catering services. Allergies and diets are taken into account in order to adapt to everyone.

Programme of the week

  • The reception of the students by the Saline royale Académie team and the teachers takes place on Sunday late afternoon.
  • Classes take place from Monday morning to Friday afternoon and student concerts from Tuesday to Friday.
  • The end-of-term concerts (students and teachers) and the graduation ceremony are held on Saturday during the day.
  • The students’ departure is scheduled for Sunday during the day.
Registration calendar for the academy, which will be held from 23 to 30 October 2022:

Application opening: January 1st 2022

Application deadline: September 25th 2022

Final jury response date: October 2nd 2022

Final registration date: October 9th 2022

Our accompanying pianists

Present throughout the academies, the accompanying pianists are recruited for their technique, their knowledge of the repertoires selected by the students and their experience. They accompany the classes, but also the recorded master classes, auditions and end-of-academy concerts.

Lucie Moulis
Byun Aeyoung
Stephanie Gurga
Yu Matsuoka
Thuy Anh Vuong
Honoka Kobayashi
Shinobu Tanaka
Masahiko Omori
Flore Merlin
Sophie Labandibar
Olga Kirpicheva
Yoan Héreau
Eglantina Grapshi-Mauger
Jahye Euh
Jean-Baptiste Doulcet

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