Practical information about our classical music academies

Academies fees

Educational costs


Accommodation and catering costs

Full pension - single room


Full pension - double/twin room


Full pension - dormitory


Half-pension  (including : lunches, arrival and departure diners - mandatory if no accomodation is taken on site)


Educational costs


Accommodation and catering costs

Full pension - single room


Full pension - double/twin room


Full pension - dormitory (8 beds)


Half-pension  (including : lunches, arrival and departure diners - mandatory if no accomodation is taken on site)


The amount of the tuition fees takes into account a reduction in return for the authorisation given by the student for the fixation and communication to the public on videogram of the courses during which he/she performs musical works, as provided for in the general conditions of sale.
*Specific rates are set up for the pedagogical costs of the 6-day chamber music academies, 384€ per trio member and 291€ per quartet member. For the pedagogical costs of the 2-day chamber music academies, 128€ per trio and 97€ per quartet member. Members of a group must make an application per person when registering for the academy they wish to join.

Register to the academy

Scholarship application

Candidates may apply for a scholarship. Priority is given to students enrolled in a higher music education institution in France and abroad.

Scholarship amounts range from 100 to 450 euros. A student’s motivation, background, and professional plans are taken into account.

The grant may require the student to participate in artistic activities organized during the session in which he or she is registered.

The application must be written in French or English and all sections must be completed.

The grant awarding committee will notify its decision at the same time as the artistic committee. If the decision is negative, the student has 48 hours to cancel or confirm his/her application.

Masterclasses filmed and broadcasted within the world’s largest catalog of exceptional masterclasses

During the academy week, several of the master classes will be recorded in our professional quality recording studios.

The resulting video content will be added to our catalogue of exceptional masterclasses available via a subscription on our website.

This is an opportunity for students to appear alongside renowned teachers on our international platform.

Access to workrooms for daily practice

The usual meeting and restaurant rooms at the Saline Royale of Arc-et-Senans have been refurbished to accommodate the activities of the Saline Royale Academy: individual courses and work rooms for students.

The rooms are accessible from 7.30 am to 11 pm, with a reservation schedule displayed on each entrance door. Students can also rehearse in their rooms, while respecting the peace and quiet of each other.

Accommodation and catering at the Saline Royale of Arc-et-Senans

During the academies, students have the opportunity to stay in the heart of the Saline Royale. They are accommodated in the 3-star hotel of the Saline Royale.

Single, twin and double rooms as well as dormitories provide accommodation for students, teachers and technical teams. The rooms have been refurbished and decorated by the designers, architects and authors Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Damien Cabiron and thus offer an exceptional living environment for the Saline Royale Academy master classes.

The Saline Royale also has a restaurant, offering an all-inclusive formula.

Coming to the academy

Nearby cities



A36 sortie Gendrey /
Saline royale
A39 sortie Poligny

Train Stations

TER Arc-et-Senans – Accessible à pied
Franche-Comté TGV – Accès direct
Depuis Paris et Lyon 2h20,
Depuis Lausanne 1h30


Dole / Tavaux
Lyon-Saint Exupéry

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